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Free Baggage

Check the baggage standard and the items that can or cannot be carried-in.

Free baggage that can be carried-in

Free baggage that can be carried-in at no charge means:

those that can be carried into the cabin for your convenient and safe travel.

- You can carry-in one piece of baggage with the three dimensions (length, width and height) measuring 115cm or less in total and the weight of 10kg or less, for free of charge.
- The maximum measurement of each side cannot be greater than 55cm (A), 20cm (B) and 40cm (C).

Other items that can be carried-in other than the baggage in the above:

- Small duty-free items, some books, coat or blanket, small camera, binocular, infant’s food for the duration of flight, baby-carrying basket, one seeing eye or hearing assistance dog, umbrella, cane and stroller that folds into straight-form (when there is a storage space available inside the cabin).
- Goods that can easily be damaged or spoiled, currency, stocks and bonds, jewelry, antique, art work, samples, government revenue stamps, documents, manuscript, computer diskette and other valuables can be carried-in without a charge.

Items that cannot be carried-in:

- Sharp, pointed or stick-like object
- Any article that can harm other passengers, such as any kind of knife, golf club, scissors, battery, etc.
- Chemical, toxic, explosive or combustible substance
- Any means of aggression that is not usually carried by a person, or other objects that can be used as a weapon.

Items that can be checked-in at no charge

Acceptable free check-in baggage:

Unsuitable items for checked baggage:

- T’way air is not responsible for any damage, loss, and/or delay incurred during flight. The following items may not be included in checked baggage but may be carried aboard the passenger cabin.

- T’ way air is not responsible for any damage, loss, and/or delay incurred during flight.

- Valuable electronic products such as laptop computers, mobile phones, camcorders, cameras, mp3 player, etc.
- Samples, documents, easily damaged items, perishable items, etc.
- T’ way air is not responsible for damages resulting from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage.

Special Baggage

Fees for your special baggage

Special baggage fees:

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